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The Nawanshahr Cooperative Sugar Mills Ltd.
R & D Wing of Sugarcane
A. Bio Control Lab
Bio Control Lab is set up to control sugarcane borers by using egg parasitoid specially Trichogramma chilonis and T. japonicum as per the package and practice recommended by Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana as there is no chemical or pesticides is recommended for the control of Stalk Borer etc. For large scale demonstration of this technique we have adopted a compact area of approx. 1500 acres of sugarcane & Bio Control based – Integrated Pest Managment is being conducted with collaboration of PAU experts. A team of technical staff under supervision of Biologist is mass multiplying the parasitoids and arrange their release in the field with the help of field staff. Research & Development trials are being conducted on Pheromones trap for the control of sugarcane borer , field evaluation of newly released sugarcane varieties and establishment of technique for vermicomposting of press mud & farm waste etc.
B. Tissue Culture Lab
First Sugarcane tissue culture lab in Cooperative sector was established on september.1994 in this mill for quick multiplication of sugarcane seed of newly / desired varieties. Till date, this lab is catering the demand of micro- propagated tissue culture plants of sugarcane for all the cooperative sugar mills in the state.

Tissue culture Technique offer the best methodology to obtain quality seed at faster rate and take less than 4 years to saturate the whole area under new varieties as compared to the conventional method which takes 8 to 10 years, thereby prolong the field life of a variety and eliminate chance of seed transmitted diseases and pests etc.



Time of sowing:

15th February to 15th April and mid September.


Quantity of seed

1100 plants per kanal or 8800 plants per acre.


Method of sowing

Before plantation, field should be properly prepared with row to row distance 2.5 ft. and plant to plant distance should be 2 ft. in furrows. Remove plastic cover and Plant Seedlings like cane setts sown in conventional method.



Irrigate the field immediately and keep the field wet for one month by providing light irrigation and thereafter as per need.


Soil treatment

2 litre Chloropyriphos per acre should be applied as per recommendations of Punjab Agriculture University.



Cow-dung is beneficial. Do not apply Urea at the time of sowing, but it should be used @ 5kg per kanal after one month upto July. Use 5gm DAP per plant as basal dose if cow-dung is not used at the time of sowing


Gap filling

Keep 20 plants spare in shade for at least 1 kanal area and these may be used for gap filling.


Weed Control

Weed control is to be done by manual hoeings as chemical control is not recommended for tissue culture plants


Control of insects/ Pests

Integrated pest management should be adopted for control of insects/pests. Remove & destroy infected plants


Control of lodging

Propping up should be done as tissue culture plants show more number of canes


Problem of thin cane

Tillering is on higher side in tissue culture plants during 1st year. Therefore canes are thin, but highly perfect for seed purpose. During 2nd year crop, this problem is solved automatically.


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R & D Wing of Sugarcane


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Tissue Culture Lab


Bio Control Lab is set up to control sugarcane borers by using egg parasitoid specially Trichogramma chilonis...